UGP712 underground


Product Overview

Our UGP712 Underground Swing Operator represents the cutting edge of gate operator technology. This rigorously designed unit is built with a special customized DC gear motor that would work well completely under water let alone underground. Additionally, it is built with two magnetic limit switches that work excellent in any circumstance, or environment. This unit has been industry proven and is extremely reliable.

The most unique features of our UGP712 Underground Ground Swing Operator is that it is quiet, powerful, invisible and operates flawlessly like the other Platinum gate operators. The gear motor assembly and the chassis assembly used in this operator have been tested in the field for more than 10 years to satisfy every customer. You can surprise your guests as they visit when they witness the gate open by itself. It seems to be magic as there is no gate operator in sight. The unit comes with built-In magnetic limit switches that control the soft start/stop speed for the gate. This unit also comes with two 12V, 5AH batteries in the event that the AC power fails.

All of our products are carefully inspected and mechanically tested to provide unsurpassed innovations to ensure that any Platinum Access Systems model will meet the needs of most types of gated entrances. And all of this is backed by the safety and reliability of the most advanced control board in this industry.

Features and Benefits:

 1.  Continuous Duty.

   2.  90 degree opening in 14-21 seconds. Max open 120 degree.

 3.  Select 120VAC/220VAC Power Input source.

 4.  Built-In On/Off power switch to improve safety during installation and operation.

 5.  ETL List. UL 325 and UL 991 Compliant.

 6.Only use one GOC-4000 Control board with Input/Output LEDs to eliminate the confusion about which       board you need when need.

 7.  Electronic reversing sensor built into control board.

 8.  Adjustable timer from 0-60 seconds.

 9. Auto open which opens the gate automatically when the primary 120VAC/220VAC Power source failed.       Gate(s) keep open till the primary 120VAC/220VAC power source has been restored.

10. Solid State Motor Drivers – Provides a quietness and longer product life cycle.

11. Automatically Learning with Self-Synchronization – Automatically synchronizes gates with different travel       times for primary/secondary gate installation.

12. High Capacity DC BackUp – Using two 12V, 5Ah batteries that can  opens and closes the gate over 100       cycles on DC backup depending on the model and gate size.

13. Adjustable Leaf Delay – on either leaf from the primary unit in the primary/secondary system.

14. Fail Safe/Secure Capability – Ability to set fail secure, fail safe, or open on fail.

15. Electronic reversing sensor has been built into the control board.

16. Adjustable timer - operates from 0-60 seconds.

17. Soft Start and Soft Stop – Minimizes wear and tear on the gate system for an increased gate system life        usage.

18. Advanced Maglock Control – Engages the maglock before or after the gate is closed.  Maglock works at       both gate opening and closing position.

19. Built-In very reliable Surge Protection.

20. Solar ready. (We recommend to use at least two 12V, 12Ah rechargeable batteries for solar installation).

21. Alarm reset button.

22. Motor breaker.

23. Manual Emergency Release.

24. AC power switch. Selectable 120VAC/220VAC power input source.

25. 110VAC output outlet.

26. Come with Dual Output Loop Detector Rack – Type “B” relays on the loop detector can be used for       additional features.

27. Residential parts warranty:  42 months.

28. Battery (as the main power source)warranty: 2 year.

29. Battery (used as a backup to the main solar panel power source) warranty: 6 months.

30. Super quiet operation.

31. Adjustable precision limit switches.

32. Built-In efficient switch power supply that can output a stable voltage to the main board and the actuator arm        to keep the gate travel at the same speed even when the input power voltage is fluctuating.

33. Charcoal Gray- Powder Coated Aluminum control board box.

34. Working temperature is between -4°F to +158°F.

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