Product Overview

The PA1120 Card Reader is designed for operation with Platinum Access control systems. This card reader is housed in a powder coated, metal enclosure with a stainless steel front panel. This card reader can mounted to a pedestal, or directly to a wall. A key-Lock secures the card reader to the mounting plate. An incandescent panel lamp lights the front panel for night time use. Red, green, and yellow indicator LED’s show power, access, and lockout conditions.

The Card reader normally powered from a 9-24 VDC power supply. It is also contains a backup battery to keep the keypad working when AC power is not available. This unit is built with robust static and lightning protection circuits, safeguarding electronic components.


Features and benefits:

 1. Master/Slave Connection

 2. Weather Resistant Design.

 3. Led Light up at night time

 4. Code Program and Erase Switch on board

 5. 3-year warranty.

Additional information


1. Key code Range: 5-digi code: 0000-59999

4- digi code: 0000-9999

2. Memory Capacity: 20,000 codes

3. Secure & Lock Case: Housed in a weather resistant metal box for outdoor installation.

4. Dimension: 4.5”X4”x8.25”H

5. Main Power: 9-24 VDC power supply. Built-in Battery backup.

6. Optional Solar power.

7. Working temperature: -22°F to 140°F