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PA5000 PA2120

2. Setting Up a key code.


3. Setting Up a Secondary Key Code.

4. Erase a Key Code.

5. Setup Phone Numbers.

6. Setup a RF Card.

1. Inserting a SIM Card.

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The PA-5000 4G LTE Series Cell phone Entry System is the easiest system to program in this industry. It is a 4G LTE technology phone Entry System. No monthly program fees with stronger signal. 10,000 Entry code memory. 2000 Dialing phone numbers. 2000 transaction log entries. RS-485 cabling allows interfacing for up to 25 devices. Battery backup. Solar ready. KEYPAD/PC/SMS/APP program. It is also backed  with a 3 year warranty.

It works with carriers such as AT&T, T-MOBILE.  

It does not work with Verizon or Sprint carriers!!!

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