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Model: PA2120


PA-2000 Series

GSM-Telephone Entry System

Surface Mount

Model: PA2120

Capacity: 2,000 Phone Numbers, 10,000 Entry Codes,2000 card capacity, and 2000 activity history log lines.

3 Year Warranty

PA-2120 (with Card Reader)



PA2000 SERIES – Cell Phone / Card Reader Entry Systems

  Platinum PA2000 series cell phone/card reader entry systems is designed with state-of-the-art technology for residential, or light commercial applications. All 3 entry functions (phone entry, key entry, and RFID card entry) are built in to a compact, heavy-duty, metal box. With the “free” Platinum Phone Book Manager software, user information can be edited on a PC and uploaded to the unit via USB drive. The text message control capability makes it easy to modify user information, schedule gate operations, and control the gate remotely. Furthermore, you can go to App store to download and install the Platinum Remote Access to your IPhone. Then use the user-friendly App program to easily add/delete temporary/Permanent key codes, add/delete phone number/ID’s, check gate status, schedule gate open duration time, view activity log, and control the gate remotely. The PA2000 series integrates AC, battery, and solar panel power sources. With Platinum’s solar panel power kit installed, the PA2020 / PA2022 systems are able to work at AC power free sites.


   With the Platinum PA2000 series cell phone system, the user does not need a transmitter, nor need to expose hands to cold weather in order to key open a gate.  All that is needed is to sit inside the car,  pull out the cell phone, and text message, or use the App program. Another useful feature of this entry system is the flexibility to utilize the text message, or App program to hold open the gate for extended periods in the event someone needs access  the premises… a gardener or pool service specialist, for example.  

   With Platinum PA2000 series cell phone system, the user does not need to pay any other entity but the cell phone carrier being used: T-Mobile or AT & T for example. Platinum does not require a monthly fee.

    The only thing the end user needs to be aware of before purchasing this unit is to make sure that the minimum signal strength in the area concerned is at least 2 bars. If, at times, the minimum signal strength is only one bar, the end user needs to buy a high gain antenna from Platinum  to increase the efficiency. If the area in question has no signal, we suggest the end user install a wired phone.

1.  GSM Cell Phone Link with Link Status Indicator on “CALL” Button.

2.  2000 Phone Number Capacity.

3.  10000 Primary / 10000 Secondary  4-digit key code Entries.

4.  Built-in RFID Card Reader with 2000 Card Capacity.

5.  Easy Programming via Keypad, USB Drive ,Text message, and App program.

6. Use APP to control the gate open, Hold-Open, Hold-Release, Check Activity Log, Schedule open duration, add phone#, add Temporary      Key Code, Add Permanent Key Code, Delete Phone ID….

6.  2000 Activity History Log Readable via USB Drive.

7.  Backlit Keypad and Phone Directory Light.

8.  Request to Exit Input.

9.  2 AUX Inputs Accessible via Text Message to Monitor Gate Status.

10. 2 Control Relays and 1 Text Message Controlled AUX Output.

11. Built-in Real Time Clock for Scheduled Operations.

12. Replaceable Front Panel Phone Directory Card.

13. Master / Slave Configuration (RS485 connection to Keypads / Card Readers up to 3000 ft Range).

14. Battery Backup and Solar Panel Ready.

15. Dimensions 8.6” x 6.6” x 2.8”.

16. Temperature -22F – 140F.

Note:  If you want to download the APP for an iphone to control the PA2000 series phone. Please go  to APP store and search for PLATINUM REMOTE ACCESS file. Download  and install this file into your iphone. After you has installed this file. You will see a Platinum Remote Access icon on your iphone screen. Touch the icon  once to start using this APP to control the PA2000 series Platinum phone.



Known Cell Phone carrier SIM Cards work with PA2000 Unit

Download APP for Android Phone