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Platinum Access System’s gate operators are built with powerful, high-efficiency, brushless DC motors, which means there are no brushes to replace. If the project requires a heavy-duty, reliable gate operator, then our brushless DC operators should be the first choice.  Platinum Operator’s unique features include:

1. 10yr warranty on the motor/8yr on parts (Residential) & 8yr/6yr (Commercial). 0% brushless DC      motor failure rate since 2012.

2.  Less than 2% failure rate on the main control board for the last 3 years.

3.  Have already Proved one of the most reliable brand operator in the market.

4.  Built in Battery backup to keep the gate operator working until the AC power is restored.

5.  Solar Ready.

6.  Constant speed control for up/down hill operation.

7.  Extremely durable construction with plated and powder coated chassis.

8.  Self Sync to make sure two gates open and close in the same time for Primary/Secondary operations.

  9.  Undeniably the  “Fastest Growing Brand In America.”

 10. Significantly quieter than the AC gate operator.

 11. Elegant, yet durable looks.

 12. Our largest  installer has successfully installed 85 Platinum operators with zero registered issues.

 13. Daily referrals flow to our email recommending our operators over all others.

 14. Customers agree…when it comes to weighing cost and benefits, Platinum operators are in a league of         their own.


1) Download BLGOC-2200 Main Control Board 2016 UL325 Connection

2) Download GOC-4000 Main Control Board 2016 L325 Connection